All the tea estates managed and owned by Bharat Group are in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia. Since 1932, these tea estates have been meticulously developed and carefully nurtured to produce the finest quality highlands tea. Fine tea is highly influenced in its character, aroma, bouquet and liquor by environmental conditions such as climate, soil, altitude, sunshine and rainfall.

Cameron Valley Tea grown in the hilly terrain of Cameron Highlands, 5000 feet above sea level in the cool, clean, fresh mountain air brushed by mist allows for growth of lush tea bushes with excellent leaf quality, producing perfectly aromatic, flavourful, distinctive quality highlands tea.

The finest orange pekoe tea from these highland valleys are painstakingly selected for their character and full flavour to give you the unmistakable, distinguished, unique taste and aroma that is always brisk, fresh and invigorating. There is no blending with lowland tea, no artificial colouring and it is free from lead and cadmium which is all certified by an independent laboratory testing through samples sent on a regular basis. Cameron Valley Teas are all highland orange pekoe teas from the Cameron Highlands.