An entrepreneurial spirit

Shuparshad Bansal Agarwal, born in 1893, was a pioneer and visionary of great determination. He left his home near Agra, in northern India when he was a young man, and came to Malaysia to assist his uncle in running a provision shop. He soon established his own shop, and then grew his business by initially renting and then buying land.

He was known for his benevolence, kindness and vision. As an Indian immigrant in an alien land, he conducted himself with great dignity and intelligence, and his efforts won him the trust of the local British rulers.

His vision was to create a lasting corporation, with his family. It was a simple wish that his brothers and later his son would fulfill in great style. Dato Sri Brijkishore Agarwal showed the same family traits of determination and perseverence. His father died when he was only nine years old. Brijkishore went to India to study, and then returned in the early 1950s to take the reins of the enterprise his uncles had maintained in his absence. The transition of control was smooth and free from any infighting or conflict. The trust amongst the family members is the cornerstone and bedrock of the company’s success, and it continues till this day, amongst the 4th generation of the Agarwals.

Brijkishore’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to acquire land from the British, and later, to grow the tea estate in reach and size. He developed the wholesale business of the company, striking various deals and alliances with key brands, both local and international. He supported the foray into the retail space, and his legacy continues not just in the family, but in the Cameron Highlands. The local community remembers him fondly.