Success has a story

The Bharat Group is a diversified, Malaysian conglomerate with special focus on tea. The company was founded by an Indian immigrant, Shuparshad Bansal Agarwal, and began life in 1933 in the scenic Cameron Highlands. Its first, carefully tended and lovingly nurtured crop of unprocessed tea leaves was sold to a factory next door.

Through the ebbs and flows of the twentieth century, the company grew in size and scale. Beginning in the age of the British Empire, surviving Japanese occupation in World War II and then expanding rapidly in the exciting era of Malaysian independence, the Bharat Group developed its expertise and extended its supply chain. Today the company is a significant nation-builder, contributing immensely to the national economy and giving back to the local communities.

80 years on, the company tea plantations stretch over 1600 acres of lush greenery and Bharat Group exports its fine output (products/tea) to over 30 countries. Initially a wholesaler of tea supplying leading Malaysian and international brands, today the company is growing its retail presence, through brands like Cameron Valley.

Guided by strong family values, built by principled entrepreneurs and now driven by youthful innovation, the Group is poised to expand its global footprint.