Mystical Cameron Highlands

The geography, geology, altitude and climate of a location all contribute to the unique qualities of a tea crop. This causes the desirability, value, and flavour of single-estate teas to vary widely.


The Cameron Highlands at an altitude of almost 2000 metres above sea level is blessed with cool nights, plentiful sunshine with temperatures not exceeding 30°C and about 2000 mm of rainfall every year. This makes it one of Malaysia’s best tea growing regions.

This ideal location gives Cameron Valley its special delicacy, sweet aroma and subtle flavour. Each variant is the result of prized cultivation, further enhanced by closely guarded, special farming and processing techniques.

This hill settlement was founded by the British in 1885 and over the years, has grown and developed into a bustling community, in some part due to the efforts and initiatives of the Bharat Group.